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Staff Shortage Increases as Crisis Looms

As a nation, we expect the very best care for our loved ones, however, those who are trusted to give that care are often invisible and underpaid. Not only agencies who serve those with intellectual and developmental disabilities are suffering hardships, but also affected are assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and child care centers who rely on DSPs for qualified care.

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Historical Changes in Perception of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

  As far back as history is recorded there are diverse perceptions, and various attitudes, towards people with disabilities. In some cultures those with disabilities are shunned, shut away and rejected, in others, they are revered and bestowed with special

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Advice for Employers of Adults with Developmental Disabilities

October honors National Disability Employment Awareness Month for the 70th year, a milestone for contributions to the country’s workforce by employing individuals with disabilities. 2015’s campaign, “Who I Am” strives for further accomplishments for employees with disabilities and their successful

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Employment and Wage Gaps for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

When considering points outlined in the revolutionary 1990 legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it’s often believed that one of those points included equal opportunity for employment and wages for persons with disabilities. However, there are numerous positions of

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