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International Women’s Day

Opengate honors all women at our agency today by bestowing them with a rose to symbolize their diversity, their inspiration, and our appreciation of all their achievements.

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Garden Beginnings

Our vegetable gardens begin with seeds planted in the greenhouse and carefully tended by Opengate residents until the seedlings are ready for planting in the outdoor gardens.

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Employee of the Month, April 2017

Congratulations to Sharon Oloo for being voted Employee of the Month, April 2017! Sharon’s dedication to working with extremely challenging individuals has been an inspiration to her co-workers, as well as her achievements towards the betterment of Opengate as an

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Martin Finds New Life at Opengate

Martin is 63 years old. Developmentally-disabled and non-verbal since birth, Martin moved from a New York City facility to an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) home at Opengate about two years ago. “At Opengate, Martin is healthy, happy and celebrated,” says

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