Kimberlee Ellis-Hamilton in the Spotlight!

Coming to Opengate through a referral in August 2019, Kimberlee Ellis-Hamilton brings enthusiasm and attention to detail to her position as Electronic Health Specialist. Expertly trained in her previous job, she is responsible for implementing paperless record-keeping and customizing new PrecisionCare software to meet the needs of Opengate. Following a meeting with her new supervisor, Kimberlee was confident the team would be reliable, work together, and provide unified communication with all other departments. 

Kimberlee organizes weekly and bi-weekly collaboration meetings with agency team leaders to distribute updates, address any issues and review system generated reports, and share ideas on managing documents within the new program. Also, all departments receive continuous training for support as they become familiar with the changeover.  Kimberlee reports, “All teams, through conference calls and training, have displayed no fear of voicing their opinion and together, working as a team, providing aid and solutions.” 

Her duties expanded to include internal audits as the agency became more fluent in the Electronic Health System. She appreciates receiving tremendous support, especially from the Compliance team from whom she gained an abundance of knowledge.

Chief Operations Officer Kristen Elkins says, “Kimberlee collaborated with staff from all levels of the organization as well as staff from PrecisionCare to ensure a smooth implementation.  Kimberlee is enthusiastic about her job and brings a lot of positive energy to what she does.”

Faced with a challenging experience of a breast cancer diagnosis, Kimberlee altered her perspectives. Never seeing herself as a weak person, she felt broken, alone, and afraid as chemotherapy robbed her of energy and positivity. Locked away from the world, she began to reflect and find gratitude for all who loved and supported her. Kimberlee emerged from her treatments and healing measures to understand that the gift of life is fragile and not to overlook the small, seemingly insignificant aspects of living a life to be remembered. 

Kimberlee is exploring a new interest in traveling and experiencing different cultures. After a conversation with a friend, she realized her only travel was annual trips to Jamaica for family visits. With a renewed commitment to positively participating in life, she is making time to enjoy the rewards of working hard and that vacations are not just an indulgence but a necessary respite to maintain balance.

Accompanied by a best friend, Kimberlee enjoys shopping and restaurants. The two research different dining options and schedule weekly to ensure they stay connected and motivate each other.

In her time at Opengate, Kimberlee has supported the achievements and performance of those she works with and consistently demonstrates her leadership. She takes the initiative towards the agency’s betterment and serves as a role model throughout the agency.

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