Frontline Staff Volunteer to Quarantine

When some of our individuals tested positive for COVID-19, a team of dedicated staff members stepped up and were willing to quarantine with them to provide around the clock care. These exceptional staff worked tirelessly to provide quality support for the individuals in their care while relinquishing weeks away from home and family. 

One of the first staff members to volunteer for quarantine was Axel Diaz. When the first instance of COVID-19 was suspected he escorted the individual for testing and kept them calm with his compassionate and uplifting disposition. Aldo Carbone was instrumental in developing a group for staff members with the purpose of uniting efforts to best serve the individuals. He kept spirits up with his sense of humor despite the extreme difficulties COVID-19 presented. Aldo always offers assistance when needed and has volunteered to quarantine three times. Sharon Oloo has also volunteered to quarantine on three different occasions. Her tenacity and work ethic are remarkable. She made sure all individuals got to testing sites, communicated with their families, and provided a positive attitude and comfort. When out of work, she remained in touch daily to check the progress of individuals. 

Arlene Benjamin, Janine Quinten and Petra Nathan ensured individuals were given quality care and followed the philosophy of “putting people first” by strongly advocating for them. Offering emotional support to peers and individuals, they promoted teamwork within the house. Satish Edwards and Lavendar Webster closely monitored those in isolation and maintained active communication with the medical team. In addition, they accompanied individuals to the hospital when needed. Valerie Watson prepared delicious meals that were enjoyed by everyone. 

Giovanni Suckoo, Stephanie Caverlini and Shannon Clarke worked as a team and performed their duties with positive attitudes and encouragement for all individuals and staff. Ashley Elliot was also a valued part of the team who offered to stay around the clock to assist with the individuals.

Leonard Rhoden, Janelle Roach, Stephanie Barnes, and Sandra Lewis approached senior staff about remaining in quarantine for the well-being of individuals. Advocating for the health and comfort of the individuals, they communicated important observations to the house nurse. Always well prepared, they implemented their duties with positivity and smiles.

Opengate is grateful for the way staff members have taken on extra responsibilities during this crisis and exhibited their dedication to individuals, their peers, and the agency. The hard work of all staff involved allowed us to make it through this extraordinary time while still providing the highest quality of care and support to the individuals. 

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