Employees of the Month; First Quarter 2020

Opengate is pleased to announce the Employees of the Month for the first quarter of 2020. We apologize for the delay, COVID-19 has diverted our normal operations, but we hope to get back on track soon.

We are very proud of each employee selected by nomination and vote of their peers.

January, 2020 – Sophia Simpson

As one of Opengate’s exceptional Direct Support Professionals, Sophia Simpson has shown good leadership skills and is always receptive to suggestions. She is extremely flexible, dependable and professional.

It’s reported that her demeanor at work is always kind and courteous with a wonderful attitude towards her coworkers, individuals, families and supervisors. When coverage is needed in the Residential program, she has been available to help out.

Sophia’s supervisor received a truly complimentary letter from the family of a new individual placed in her care. His mother described how nervous they were for their son until he was placed with Sophia. They related the compassionate way she was able to help with her son’s transition.

Congratulations, Sophia Simpson, for being an outstanding, dedicated employee.

February, 2020 – Bob Kelly

A Maintenance Supervisor’s duties encompass a wide range of responsibilities needed to be completed on a daily basis. Bob Kelly genuinely demonstrates expertise in his position. Duties include routine building and grounds maintenance as well as computer and workstation installation and troubleshooting.

Bob is always available to assist in the residences, sometimes during his off hours. When faced with problems or issues, he assures the staff and individuals that he will come up with solutions.

Thank you, Bob Kelly, and congratulations on being selected by your peers.

March, 2020 – Kimberlee Ellis Hamilton

In her position as EHR (Electronic Health Records) Specialist, Kimberlee managed the switch to a new electronic health record system. She played a critical role in customizing the system to meet Opengate’s needs.

Kimberlee collaborated with staff from all levels of the organization as well as staff from PrecisionCare to ensure a smooth implementation.  Kimberlee is enthusiastic about her job and brings a lot of positive energy to what she does.  She availed herself to all programs to personally train the staff wherever needed.

Her efforts have supported the performance and achievement of others as a consequence of her positive attitude towards her responsibilities. Kimberlee has demonstrated her leadership skills and takes initiative towards the betterment of the agency. She is a role model for others.

Congratulations, Kimberlee Ellis Hamilton, and thank you for your hard work!

“Employee of the Month recipients receive a $100 bonus as our appreciation.  We will continue to recognize employees each month, so stay tuned as you may be the next recipient!”

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