Residence Manager Wilma Joseph in the Spotlight!

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“I’m just doing my job.” says Wilma Joseph, but according to those who work with her, she exemplifies what it means to go the extra mile.

Wilma has been employed as a Residence Manager with Opengate for the last 5 years. Although she left for a couple months, she returned to the position in June, 2018. Currently, she supervises the Grasso House and the Lissauer IRA.

Her colleagues describe Wilma as someone who gets her work done, on time or prior to deadlines, leaving nothing to error.  Recently, a new documentation system, Precision Care, was introduced to streamline entering information on a daily basis. Wilma’s programs were ready for the change and became the first to be able to bill successfully. She says the new system is an improvement, making daily entries easier and catching errors early. 

Mentoring others is reported as one of Wilma’s strong points. When asked about her mentoring process she relates that she uses her experience in regulations and procedures to support new hires and other staff. She is always open to answer questions and offer advice when needed.

She is passionate about her position for good reason, Wilma has a sister with special needs, which makes her job a personal quest to be sure individuals are well cared for, happy, and an active part of the community. She strives to accomplish this every day as she would for her own sister. Her individuals have a direct line of communication to her at all times.

Wilma’s proudest moment was when one of the individuals obtained a job with a local grocery store. She was also instrumental in assisting one of her individuals to cope with the loss of her mother by showing compassion and being there to help channel her grief. She says her greatest rewards are a sense of personal fulfillment knowing she makes a difference in the lives of the individuals in her care. 

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