Somers Chief of Police Michael Driscoll Visits Opengate

When a behavioral incident arises, most agencies immediately place a 911 emergency call to handle the situation. Opengate rarely has the need to call 911, but when we do, the call is a surprise to the department. Recently, the Somers Chief of Police, Michael Driscoll, came by to get an update on an individual, he brought him a t-shirt and hat, and wished him well. He states that Opengate and staff members always manage behavioral incidents with kindness and professionalism.

When asked what prompted Chief Driscoll to make a return visit to see the individual, he responded that while being a police officer for approximately 50 years he wants to help those who can’t always help themselves. He stated he wanted the person to know that the police are their friends and come only to assist positively. Of course, his visit was greatly appreciated.

Throughout his tenure as a nursing home administrator, Chief Driscoll experienced first-hand the issues faced by agencies serving the aging, disabled, and behaviorally challenged, such as staff and funding shortages. He praises Opengate for establishing standards of excellence that ensure well trained staff knows how to handle each individual uniquely.

“The Somers community recognizes and endorses Opengate and the wonderful work they do.” Chief Driscoll says,  “Staff members are involved in community meetings and truly invested in creating the best atmosphere for the individuals. In turn, the community supports the work that they do.”

Opengate executives, board of directors, and staff members take pride in the fact that for 50 years we have provided a safe, pleasant environment for individuals in our care where they are treated respectfully and encouraged. After all, this is their home, and many long-term residents have achieved top levels of success based on their unique potentials. 

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