New Medical Director for Opengate

Dr. Elizabeth Melnychuk approaches her position as Medical Director at Opengate with over 20 years of experience working with special needs adults. She received her doctorate in Osteopathy from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

During her many years serving within the OPWDD service delivery system, Dr. Melnychuk has been the attending physician at the Hudson Valley DDSO, Richmond Community Services, Westchester Institute for Human Development and St. Jude’s Habilitation Institute. 

Dr. Elizabeth Melychuk

I have a few family members that are intellectually and developmentally disabled. They were the driving force for me wanting to spend my career caring for them and making their lives better. This patient population brings me immense joy that no other can. 

Dr. Melynchuk looks forward to meeting each new patient at Opengate, especially those who may be a bit fearful at first, but eventually learn to trust her and offer a smile in return. 

Her time away from Opengate is spent busy with many hobbies and interests including gardening, bird and animal watching, hiking one of the many trails near her home, watercolor painting and spending time with pets and family. 

Coastal South Carolina is Dr. Melynchuk’s second home and she travels there often to enjoy the beautiful beaches. 

Biggest surprise – she claims to have the sense of humor of an adolescent and laughs at the most unbelievable things! Welcome, Dr. Melynchuk, Opengate is proud to have you as one of our team members. 

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