Spotlight on DaQueen Monroe and The Autism Project – FLOS


Inspired by the experience of raising a son with autism, DaQueen Monroe founded The Autism Project – FLOS (For Love of Shaquan) as an outreach to other teenagers and young adults with developmental disabilities and to provide support and education to parents, guardians, and caretakers.

Through her vision of inclusion, and opportunities for new experiences, DaQueen and The Autism Project-FLOS not only support the needs of the individual, but also the family through special events focused on education, resource information, and stress relief.

For the 6th year, The Autism Project-FLOS will host the Special Needs Fair in Yonkers, NY on April 14, 2018 from 1pm-4pm. The event is open to the public as a place to bring the community together for fun, education, resources, and inclusive activities for all levels.  For details, please refer to their website:

DaQueen’s mission is to bring necessary services to the underserved population of individuals with developmental disabilities, including single parents, and urban areas where resources are not as readily available. The Autism Project-FLOS believes there should be more to offer individuals with developmental disabilities through recreation and social experiences that “typical” children and adults may take for granted. It’s especially gratifying to see the positive interactions between them.

The Autism Project-FLOS has had a positive impact for many urban families that otherwise were not plugged into the system of resources, and may not know what is available. DaQueen is fulfilling her mission to support all families through workshops, education which is accessible and affordable, and a community working towards the same goals. She is frequently a representative in Albany to ensure that needs are met and voices are heard concerning rights and changes for all individuals with developmental disabilities.


Shaquan Monroe

DaQueen Monroe is the mother of 26-year-old Opengate resident, Shaquan Monroe, who has been at Opengate since he transitioned into adulthood. Shaquan came to Opengate from another agency where he was placed at age 12. Although Shaquan is nonverbal, he’s described as a deep thinker who craves independence and productive experiences. 


Opengate staff and residents would like to invite everyone to support this special mother’s mission and vision of a world where all children are treated equally and given the opportunities to succeed and partake in interactive social experiences within the communities where they live.


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