Care Coordination and What Does it Mean


Beginning a new year, we always look forward to positive change. One of the changes for 2018 is the transformation of services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the State of New York through the formation of Care Coordination Organizations in preparation for Managed Care.   Care Coordinators will develop individualized life plans and coordinate all health, wellness, personal care and behavioral health services to provide innovative person-centered care management to the individuals we serve.

Opengate is a member of the Hudson Valley Service Providers (HVSP.)  HVSP is a group of 22 agencies who grouped together in an effort to have our voices heard on Care Coordination.  Part of our efforts resulted in HVSP joining a larger group, LifePlan, which includes a network of 65 agencies that banded together to form a Care Coordination Organization within our region.

As a member of HVSP we will retain voting rights on the LifePlan board and be a voice for the individuals we serve as the entire state transitions to Care Coordination in July, 2018.

What will this mean for our individuals and families? By integrating services, we will be better able to utilize planning for person-centered care management as well as assist families and individuals to access well-rounded resources. This transition will also allow for better continuity between all care providers.

Care Coordination will have a team led by a Care Manager which will work together to assess and provide services based on individual wants and needs. Care Managers will eventually replace the Medicaid Service Coordinators in a seamless transition allowing for enhanced coordination of services.

The staff at Opengate feels this transition will support our mission to provide the best care possible for our individuals and their families and acknowledge each individual’s needs.

We realize there will be questions as Care Coordination rolls out. Additional information will be mailed to families once Care Coordination agencies are selected by OPWDD.  We are available to answer any questions you may have.  In addition, you can access the OPWDD website  which provides details on Care Coordination.

Our Opengate staff invites you to join with us in welcoming positive change and bright beginnings for the future in 2018.




Brian Hulten, CEO


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