Spotlight on Jim Winfield, DSP

Jim Winfield DSP

Jim Winfield, DSP

Since 1998, Jim Winfield’s devoted and humble heart has provided the highest quality of care to the residents at Opengate. As a Direct Support Professional (DSP) he has shown exemplary dedication and attention to detail in all he does.

Jim also provides time for outings and appointments for individuals which assures they always receive proper care.  His knowledge of diet orders, medical needs, and program parameters is beneficial to not only our individuals but also to the staff members who work with him.

Opengate residents participate annually in Miracle League Baseball and this year Jim asked to be our representative DSP. Every Monday morning he packed lunches, checked each uniform for neatness, and made sure that sun block was properly applied. After the game, Jim had cold water ready for the participants and a fully gassed van with the air conditioner running. Often, they would share lunch and he would accompany residents to local historic sites to make the day even more enriching.

Jim Winfield’s dedication to Opengate and our individuals was revealed when he suffered a life-threatening illness. As soon as he was able, he immediately arrived prepared to work his shift.

All the support staff at Opengate feel lucky to have Jim on board as the finest representation of how a DSP provides care and services to our residents. His example to others, along with his outlook on life and energetic personality, make Jim outstanding in the field of DSPs.


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