Opengate Welcomes New Medical Director


Opengate Medical Director, Dr. Andrea Ritchin

Welcome aboard to our new Medical Director, Andrea Ritchin.   Dr. Ritchin comes to us with a background in Family Medicine, having earned her medical degree from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and having completed her specialty training at the Residency Program in Social Medicine at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.

During her years as a primary care physician in the Bronx, and later in Mt. Kisco, Dr. Ritchin developed an affinity for working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  In both locations, she built a faithful following of pediatric and adult IDD patients.  

Dr. Ritchin says that her career thus far has been very rewarding.  She found she was able to meet the challenges of caring for individuals with IDD by partnering with their families, caretakers, and advocates.  The opportunity to serve exclusively IDD adults alongside other people dedicated to the same goal pleases her:  

When I received the invitation to come to Opengate, my first reaction was great happiness,” says Dr. Ritchin.  She adds, “Opengate has terrific nurses … they are the heart and soul of the medical staff. I have so much to learn from them.”

Dr. Ritchin’s immediate goals include getting to know each Opengate resident both as an individual as well as a medical patient.   She looks forward to working with the nursing staff to attend to the specific medical needs of each individual, not only treating specific medical issues as they arise, but also performing routine annual physical exams as well as coordinating specialty care.

Dr. Ritchin recognizes the disparity in access to health care for individuals with disabilities.  She would like to see more medical research addressed specifically to their needs, working towards evidence-based guidelines for all physicians who work on behalf of individuals with IDD.

An “empty nester,” Dr. Ritchin spends her free time reading (fiction and biography are favorites), gardening, and enjoying theater and music.   She is learning to play the viola, and is currently struggling to master a Bach minuet.

Welcome to Opengate, Dr. Andrea Ritchin; we are proud to have you as part of our team.


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