Everyone is One Step Away from a Disability

Everyone is One Step Away from a Disability

There are several classifications of disability, each with their unique issues and limitations. Some types of disabilities may include physical, intellectual, developmental, neurological, behavioral, visual and hearing impairments.

Not always are disabilities a result of birth defects or congenital disease, but can be caused by other factors such as injury, accidents or medical conditions, and not all disabilities are visible. Anyone can become disabled at any time and require services and adaptations to function within society.

Recognizing this possibility should generate public and corporate donors to better support agencies who provide programs and services in the midst of government funding reductions. Each agency may not be providers for all types of disabilities, but they are experts in the field for the types of resources offered.

Opengate’s area of expertise lies with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as some behavioral issues. Our mission has always been to offer programs and resources that enhance the quality of life for each of the individuals we serve. We support them in creating their personal plan and assist in the best possible outcome for each of them.

The fact is, most of us will move in and out of disability in our lifetimes, whether we do so through illness, an injury or merely the process of aging...Becoming Disabled, New York Times 

While those born with an impairment learn to acclimate in order to get along in a world built for those without a disability, how does one who becomes afflicted “learn” to be disabled? Most don’t know how.

Awareness and self education of the general public about the types of disabilities and the resources available is paramount to better understanding a situation that could affect one personally, and most likely is already affecting someone close. We must become acquainted with the transformations of aging, injury, and medical conditions which can suddenly, and without warning, be life altering.

Becoming disabled demands learning how to live effectively as a person with disabilities, not just living as a disabled person trying to become nondisabled. It also demands the awareness and cooperation of others who don’t experience these challenges.…..  Becoming Disabled, New York Times 

Living as a person with a disability is a process of learning what is right for the individual and striving towards best possible outcomes using all resources available.  With proper assistance and support, each individual can continue to live a full life and contribute to their community.

Although everyone believes they will live a long, healthy, and prosperous life, the fact is most of us will need support and care for ourselves or a loved one who may become disabled. Opengate staff is well trained to assist and/or educate about resources available for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.



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One comment on “Everyone is One Step Away from a Disability
  1. donnargore says:

    Very true, ever important! I see the struggles of my clients with multiple disabilities daily as they age, resources dwindling! Ladyjustice

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