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Legacy giving is is a form of philanthropy that involves contributing one’s assets through wills and estate plans to enhance the mission and work of a charitable institution.

Most people make charitable donations throughout their lifetime, yet only approximately 10% create legacy gifts, mainly because they were never asked to do so, or do not understand the importance of this form of contribution.

“The benefits of legacy giving to agencies such as Opengate is to give the agency the ability for long- term financial stability and sustaining the services we provide to our individuals, many whose parents are our reliable donors,” says Brian Hulten, Chief Executive Officer. “It also allows us to give those parents the peace of mind that their children will be cared for after they are gone.”

Opengate encourages our friends to be recruiters for Opengate, sharing your positive experiences with others and having conversations about our long-term goals.” says Randi Rios-Castro, Chief Operating Officer

Almost everyone has the ability to create a legacy gift. It’s not just for the wealthy because no gift is too small and every gift has the ability to impact on someone’s life. There are many forms of legacy giving and none are difficult to create. “Even if you aren’t a parent of one of our individuals, but stand by our mission with regular donations, your planned gift is important to continue your own philanthropic legacy,” says Hulten.

Opengate has simple legacy giving programs in place and we offer anyone the opportunity to consult with someone on our staff about which program suits their needs best.

According to Randi Rios-Castro, Chief Operating Officer: “We feel our agency’s mission is too important to leave to chance, and reliance on our dwindling share of government funding has created the need to greatly enhance our legacy giving programs.” In fact, in order to have long-term survival, all non-profits recognize the need to diversify revenue streams. Legacy giving is one way to go into the future by expanding Opengate’s donor base and knowing the agency’s work will be sustained.

Each legacy gift has a significant impact on the future of Opengate and, especially, for the individuals we serve. Generous donations not only assist with the everyday expenses, but also allows us to make improvements in our resources for adults with disabilities and ensuring their future includes the stability they so deserve.

The success of legacy giving is measured by extensive participation from others in the community as well as regular donors. “As always, Opengate encourages our friends to be recruiters for Opengate, sharing your positive experiences with others and having conversa- tions about our long-term goals,” says Rios-Castro.

To receive detailed information about how you can create a legacy gift to Opengate, please call or email Randi Rios-Castro at (914) 277-5350 or randir@



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