Surviving Stella the Snowstorm!

Dear Opengate Staff:

A great big THANK YOU to all that came in and worked this crazy snow storm.  Your dedication to the individuals we serve is very much appreciated.  There are so many people who came in and worked, never complaining, never wavering in their commitment.  You should be proud to know you make a difference in peoples’ lives!

OG Snowstorm

To our Direct Support Professionals who bunkered down and spent 2 nights to ensure they were here to assist with the care of our individuals, THANK YOU!  We could not do what we do without you!

To the Managers that weathered the storm with their staff, your commitment and leadership should be an example to all!

To our Maintenance Department, who seemed to never rest, THANK YOU for keeping the campus plowed and the walkways shoveled.   Braving this harsh storm, cold and wet, they continued to work throughout the day and night!

To our Nurses who stayed and worked throughout the last 2 days THANK YOU!  Ensuring the well-being of our individuals is always forefront in our minds.  Your commitment to be here and available to assist is so appreciated!

To our Day Program Teachers, every one of who stayed throughout this storm, you are all an example of what teamwork means!  THANK YOU!

There are so many heartwarming stories to share, but here are just a couple of which I am personally aware:

Many staff traveled long distances to get here.  In one case, it took someone 7 ½ hours to arrive but they persevered through finding themselves in a ditch and then a vehicle accident.  This person arrived, a little shaken, but jumped right into work and doing what we do best.

Another staff member arrived, with food aplenty that she had prepared for the staff that worked.  Thinking of everything from bacon and eggs to salad and pizza.  If I were ever stuck in a disaster, I’d want this person with me!

I am quite sure there are many stories to be told about our staff and their dedication through this storm!  Please feel free to share them in the comment section below!

You should all be proud of what you do!  THANK YOU!

Randi Rios-Castro, Chief Operating Officer



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