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Whether a family is taking care of a member with developmental or physical disabilities, a terminally ill loved one, or an elder with dementia there are commonalities which transcend the scope of a “normal” living condition.

Of course, love overshadows any of the above circumstances and, thankfully, most caregivers look upon their job as an honor, not a task. However, there are times when family member care is no longer an option for various reasons. Some caregivers may not be equipped to handle the intensity of the situation, or they may have their own medical or aging issues, and others may experience the stress of a long-term condition.

The common thread which weaves its way through each experience is seeking the best outcome for the family member, friend or loved one. When the time comes to give up personal care for practical reasons, it’s imperative to find the peace of mind that a professional agency like Opengate can give.

Being a part of the overall plan is essential for caregivers. Whether care is being given in the home or at a residential facility, the caregiver can add information about the loved one allowing the plan to become more individualized and best meet their expectations of positive, value based outcomes.

Opengate offers a variety of programs which take into consideration the consumer’s abilities, support needs and goals. Each program is supervised by professional providers. The team of service providers works in tandem with the individual and their families to insure that their individual interests are addressed.

Additionally, caregivers and families are invited to attend special events which are held throughout the year and give everyone a time to unwind and have fun. Each event is a beneficial way to combine familiar and significant people in the lives of the residents, the staff and providers to celebrate together.

The role of family members changes from day to day and takes on countless shapes and forms, but the inclusion of family members in the planning process is critical to the well being of every individual with special needs.  Opengate welcomes the input of family members at every step in the progress of their loved one.

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