Opengate Employee Finds $1,100 for Agency

Grace De Feo finds unclaimed funds for Opengate, Inc.

Grace De Feo finds unclaimed funds for Opengate

Imagine discovering you have a winning lottery ticket and how it would impact your life. That’s exactly the feeling we at Opengate had when we learned of an unexpected cash windfall.

Thanks to one of our employees, Grace De Feo, who viewed a television program about unclaimed funds in New York State, we were able to receive $1,100 which we would not have known was owed to us otherwise.

The New York State Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) maintains a website where anyone can enter an individual name, or a company name, to see if there is money being held by the OSC. Banks, insurance companies, corporations and courts are some of the organizations required to turn over funds in dormant accounts.

Being intrigued, as anyone would be where unclaimed money is concerned, Grace entered her own name and names of her family members, but with no results. Then, she entered Opengate and was surprised to find there was money due.

Grace called Opengate Chief Financial Officer, June Jarvis, with the news and, after completing the required paperwork, the check arrived a few weeks later.

New found funds, always welcomed by non-profits, will be used to enhance services available to those individuals in Opengate’s various programs. The care of our clients is always of the utmost importance and any small amount received goes towards bettering the lives of those who depend on us.

As we face funding concerns for the future, all donations, gifts, and support are greatly appreciated, especially money that was ours, lost and now found.

Who knows, perhaps you are one who should receive unclaimed funds. Check out the website to see if you will receive an unexpected windfall:

Opengate provides several different ways to support our mission. If your windfall is good, perhaps you’ll consider a donation. To learn about the ways to support Opengate programs and services, please refer to Support Page.

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Opengate is a leader in its field and is recognized by New York State as one of only seven like agencies among thousands that have earned a prestigious COMPASS designation.

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